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Our Mission

Atlantic Rehabilitation Center is committed to improving the quality of life for each individual and rendering exceptional care in a culturally sensitive environment while having respect and trust for everyone, as well as appreciating individual differences. With our strong focus on inclusivity, we foster an atmosphere that values diversity and promotes understanding.

Our passion lies in empowering individuals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We believe that every person’s journey toward wellness is unique, and we’re here to provide the support and guidance needed to achieve those goals. ARC’s dedication to your well-being is unwavering.

Moreover, ARC stands as a leading rehab center in Florida, United States, dedicated to providing a wide range of rehabilitation services to address various physical, mental, and emotional challenges. We have a comprehensive approach that ensures all aspects of your health are considered, allowing for a holistic and effective recovery process.

  • Founded Atlantic Rehabilitation Center in 2002 by Dr. Joe Caroccio, DPT, ATC
  • Outpatient physical therapy facility
  • Locations in Aventura, Davie & Pembroke Pines
  • Dedicated to a family-friendly environment
  • Various medical professionals in each facility
  • Latest treatment techniques


Ongoing communication between physicians, therapists, patients, and insurance case managers provides a successful and complete rehabilitation. By maintaining open lines of communication among all involved parties, we ensure that every aspect of your care is well-coordinated and optimized for your recovery.

The staff and administration at ARC work together, as a team, to promote superior care for each individual. This collaborative approach guarantees that you receive personalized attention and that your treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Experience the synergy that ensures your wellness journey is comprehensive and effective. When the expertise of our dedicated professionals comes together, the result is a holistic and impactful rehabilitation process that addresses not only your physical needs but also your overall well-being.

ARC looks after the well-being of all its patients. We provide:

Constant consultation of the patient’s recovery and expectations.

Highly skilled therapists educated in the latest treatment techniques.

The highest standard of quality care to each individual.

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