Video Analysis

Our video analysis services are made to offer thorough evaluations and insights on biomechanical principles, athletic tactics, and movement patterns. ARC’s video analysis program strives to provide insightful comments and direction for anyone wishing to improve functional movement, whether they are an athlete looking to increase performance. For athletes who work with coaches or trainers, this service also can complement their efforts. We can collaborate with your existing team to ensure a comprehensive approach to your development.

Our facilities are available in three convenient locations, and our adaptable hours can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff is standing by.

  • To best serve you, we have three locations.
  • Same-day treatments can be provided with immediate scheduling.
  • Adaptable hours to meet the needs of the patients.
  • Our front desk employees and therapists can help you in Spanish, and we are a bilingual practice.