Work Injuries

We developed this service to provide comprehensive care and support for individuals who have experienced workplace injuries. We understand the importance of swift and effective healing, enabling you to return to work safely and resume your routine activities.

Moreover, our team guarantees prompt and efficient treatment, expediting the return to work. On the other hand, we have specifically instructed our highly educated Doctors of Physical Therapy in the latest techniques for treating workers’ compensation injuries.

You can generally expect the following from us:
  1. Prompt and Comprehensive Evaluation: Our service thoroughly evaluates work injuries, including their causes and impact on tasks. This guides effective treatment planning.
  2. Effective Pain Management: Anticipate focus on managing and alleviating pain through therapies, techniques, and interventions for healing.
  3. Tailored Treatment Plan: We will provide a customized treatment plan considering work injuries, job requirements, as well as personal recovery needs.
  4. Restoration of Function: Our aim is to restore your abilities for safe and effective work re-entry, using exercises, mobility training, and targeted rehab.
  5. Injury Prevention: You will learn injury prevention, ergonomics, and techniques particularly lowering re-injury risk through our service.
  • Appointments scheduled within 24 hours
  • Evaluation reports available within 24 hours
  • Progress reports are completed every 2 weeks